Nelson Akpan

Doctor of Ministry
Theological University of America

Master of Ministry
Theological University of America

Bachelor of Ministry
Theological University of America

Nelson E. Akpan was born in Use Ndon, Ibiono Ibom L.G.A; Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria but was brought up fully in Calabar, Cross River State.

He started preaching fully since 1988, working with the World Bible School, converting souls to Christ every day. He made yearly trips from 1990 to the Republic of Cameroon as a Preacher – Missionary and converted a great number of souls for Christ. Kumba Town Church of Christ, Big Mbouge, Bai one, Bai two, Bai Mbumera, Mbalangi to mention but a few.

• He taught in C.A.O. Essien’s Memorial Bible College.
• Nigerian Bible Defenders Institute, Calabar.
• Established Eight Congregations in Cross River State.
• Established Prison’s Ministry in Calabar.
• He has extensive experience in Evangelism/Pulpit Ministry.
• He is the Supreme Commander’s Command series of tract and other write-ups.
• He preaches on the Lord’s day and evangelized on daily basis.

He learned of Theological University of America through international paper and magazine sent to him by Copperland baker before he died. Professor Jim Benton and the staff of the University are blessed because of the quality of graduates they have been producing.

Glory be to God as I am well equipped as a Social worker.