The Theological University of America
J.J. Hendrix

Doctor of Ministry - Religious Education and Communication
Theological University of America

Field Representative for the Brown Trail School of Preaching

J.J. was born on Incirlik Air Force Base in Adana, Turkey to Jim and Kathy Hendrix. He has one younger brother, Toby.

J.J. graduated from Arkadelphia High School in 2001. He was named a Who's Who among High School students. J.J. then went to Henderson State University on choral and academic scholarships. He was named a Who's Who among College students. He graduated in December 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in Education in the field of Physical Education and minor field of Physics. J.J. then went to Harding University and graduated in May of 2007 with his Masters in the Art of Teaching. J.J. then worked as a youth minister and fell in love with ministry. He attended the Brown Trail School of Preaching and graduated in June of 2010. J.J. is proud to add May of 2013 as the date he awarded his Doctor of Ministry in the field of Religious Education and Communication.

Upon graduation, J.J. worked as the Field Representative for the Brown Trail School of Preaching. He went to preach in Oklahoma for nine months, but came back to fill his role as the Field Representative again and has done so for over two years. J.J. has had articles run in in various brotherhood publications and hosts a radio show three times a week on and J.J. and his wife, Lisa, are directors of boy's (J.J.) and girl's (Lisa) speech at the Lads to Leaders convention in Dallas, TX.

J.J. married the former Lisa Stapleton. They have two daughters, Adeline (born 2010) and Lily Jane (born 2013).

J.J. would like to give humble thanks to Dr. Jim Benton for his help, friendship, and patience through this journey. J.J. would also like to encourage those reading to continue in their studies and hold to the "old paths."