The Theological University of America
john jansen

Doctor of Ministry - Theological University of America
Master of Arts - Theological University of America
Bachelor of Arts - Heritage Christian University

H Dip. Theo., Bible, Bible Languages: Southern Africa Bible College

My highest goal is to serve God according the "SHEMA" of Deuteronomy 6:5-7 and Matthew 22:37.

When I was just a lad, I excelled in my memory verses so well that I annually received highest awards in Sunday School, verses which I never forgot even during my seafaring days--especially as a Whaler-man in the Antarctic, on Coastal Tankers around South Africa, and overseas to Europe and USA as a Merchant Marine.

It was much later in life in my search for the Lord and His ways that I stumbled across a Church of Christ where men were delving into the Bible especially one called Brother Bunting Gray. After a lengthy study of the Gospel plan of Salvation, I was baptized in obedience to Gods writ for the remission of my sins and my hunger for the Word became a passion!

I had previously belonged to a Local Police Reserve force which sought to save young people from off the streets and "gangsterism".

I started studying the Bible in 1970 and was baptized (Immersed) a year later. After my first 25 lessons of a Bible correspondence course from Johannesburg, South Africa, I became hungry for more! I actually started a congregation in a new town, 1800 km away from my home town (from which I had moved) after a transfer from a Cabinet Shop with whom I was employed. The move yielded 35 souls.

After four years I joined with a group of evangelists from the U.S. who had been formed for the purpose of educating people in the Bible and received two years of training which was followed by a three-year schooling in the Hebrew and Greek Classical Biblical languages at the Southern Africa Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa. In our campaigns, I always strove to be zealous in spreading the message of salvation (and no one was exempt) -- friends, as well as foes.

My zeal led me to further studies which I received in the U.S. at I.B.C. and later a degree at Theological University of America.

At present, I am serving as a minister in Galveston, Texas. Counseling and setting up Bible studies with potential Christians. I am teaching a Ladies' Bible class with the intention of training a Ladies Leadership program so ladies will be able to run their own meetings. I also teach two individual classes for new converts and new visitors.

I have two daughters who are involved in the ministry in South Africa.

As long as God gives me the strength, I will promote the Gospel of Christ in making sure that the hearers will fully understand why they obey the Gospel; and to teach them the meanings of scripture according to Nehemiah 8:8.

I hope to complete a further degree in Biblical Science for the purpose of enhancing my Christian understanding in Biblical interpretation utilizing the Greek and Hebrew, Biblical languages and by using the media and other historical resources to educate the public in understanding the Bible and Biblical principles of interpretation.

I believe that Jesus is the promised Messiah to the world in a promise to Abraham, and the Savior and Redeemer of the world as seen in the Old Testament Prophets' writings. I hope to continue serving my Master in spreading His message as far and wide as God's grace allows me!