The Theological University of America
Dr. Earl Ash

Director of Ministry Relations
Ohio Valley University

Many years ago while seeking to continue my education I came across an advertisement for The Theological University of America in the Gospel Advocate. I had taken years of course work at a number of institutions prior to attending TUA and I wanted to bring all of that together along with the work I had done in over 30 years of serving the church. TUA allowed me to combine all the credits I had earned at several universities and continue on to greater things.

I have served, taught and preached in the church for decades, my TUA education has been invaluable to me

TUA offers people the chance to grow both educationally and spiritually and I am grateful for the opportunities that additional education has opened for me.

After years of secular work, as well as preaching and teaching, I now preach part-time and work full time at Ohio Valley University in Ministry Relations.