The Theological University of America
JerryLinn Armstrong

Bachelor of Ministry - Theological University of America Master of Ministry - Theological University of America Doctor of Ministry - Theological University of America
In 1969, one summer evening I heard someone knocking at my door, it was Noel Wilson (Gospel Preacher for the Anthony church of Christ). He asked if he could have a Bible study with me. I told him yes and several months later on August 26, 1969 I was baptized into Christ for the remission of my sins. I will forever be grateful to Noel. In 1971 I joined the United States Air Force. My first duty station was Forbes Air Force Base. I was only there 5 months when they closed the base. I received orders to go to Altus Air Force Base in Altus, Oklahoma. July 29, 1972 Wayne Bonham (Elder at Anthony) prayed with me and in his prayer he asked God that I might meet the finest and prettiest Christian woman. I reported to Altus on July 31, 1972. The first Wednesday night (August 2, 1972) I went to church at Snyder, Oklahoma. That evening I met a beautiful Christian woman, her name was Dorene. She would become my wife on August 30, 1975. Our first son Jody was born April 13, 1977. Then March 27, 1980 our second son Jason was born. In 1986 I retired from the Air Force. I was encouraged by Glenn Annear and Bill Osborne to preach. I had no training or education in Bible, but both assured me I could do it. I have preached at 3 Oklahoma congregations, in Duke, Caddo, and Lone Wolf. My greatest joy while preaching was to be a part of Quartz Mountain Christian Camp. I enjoyed working with kids. I started as a teacher for Eddie Beard's Session. I continued teaching at Eddie's session and the following year I became Bible Director for Kevin Ballard's Session and wrote the curriculum we used. Then as I continued at Eddie and Kevin's Sessions I also became a Camp Director and had my own Session. In 1993 I came across an advertisement for the Theological University of American in the Gospel Advocate. I contacted Dr Benton explaining to him my desire to get a degree in Bible related courses. Dr Benton was a true Christian gentlemen. He even personally called me to discuss my degree possibilities, and I received my Doctor of Ministry April 6, 2006. At our graduation I was filled with tears of gratitude for Dr Benton and his staff for recognizing our wives. The certificate read: "In recognition of the love, devotion, commitment, support, encouragement, and sacrifices you have made for your husband to achieve his education and fulfill the requirements for the degree which he received from The Theological University of America we gratefully present to you Mrs Jerry Linn Armstrong this certificate of praise and honor to celebrate your Christian character and noble works." As her husband, I say, "many women do noble things, but you surpass them all" (Prov. 31:29) I pray the Lord will continue to bless Dr Benton and The Theological University of America as they help those seeking to continue their education and serving God.