The Theological University of America
Tony and Miriam Cloud

Minister - Administrator

Currently I serve as the minister of the church of Christ in Soldotna, Alaska with my wife Nikki by my side. I thoroughly enjoy being a Gospel Preacher. Being able to serve others as you teach them the truth of God’s Word is a joy beyond description. Meeting people and building relationships is a ministry that I live for. My wife and I see ourselves as servants of the Lord and His church. Nikki is a very humble godly woman and a tremendous asset to my ministry. Without her I am incomplete. The Lord as always said it best, “It is not good for the man to be alone”.

I enlisted in the United States Army and Nikki enlisted in the United States Navy both of us joined right out of High School. Together we share twelve and half years of military service and experience. Nikki served 4 ½ years and myself 8 years. A little over two of my eight years of service in the US Army I was a Member of the Fort Hood Boxing team and Nikki served at the Naval Strike Warfare Center. Both Nikki and I served during five different engagements beginning in 1987 and ending in 1995. Though we spent some time apart, the Lord strengthened our love for each other and blessed us in so many ways. Nikki and I have been married now for 20 years and February will make 21. Nikki in my opinion is a great model for a preacher’s wife. She is my greatest asset and my precious helper. You will find her humbly and quietly serving others to bring them closer to the Lord. She also enjoys the ministerial life that we have chosen. In fact, this life was her answered prayer.

We have two beautiful faithful Christian teenagers; D’Angelo age 18 and Tierra age 17. Both are excellent leaders for the youth in our congregation. They have an excellent relationship with everyone in whom they come in contact with and are model Christian teens. D’Angelo has graduated High School and is working towards a career in the United States Air Force while Tierra has decided that she will further her educational goals while attending college.

I attended and graduated Preachers School at the Southern California School of Evangelism in Buena Park California while Nikki completed her National certification in Medical Coding. She is now a Facilitator in Medical Coding for New Frontier Vo-Tech Educational Center. Nikki and I are proud Alumni of the Theological University of America. Nikki has earned her Bachelors in Leadership and Administration. I earned 4 of my degrees at TUA and my most accomplished degree; Doctor of Philosophy in Ministry. Completing the required courses and lengthy dissertation were very challenging but worthwhile. I thank Dr. Jim Benton for his constant encouragement, concern for my mental stress load and belief in me. God has truly sent him as a Barnabas when I needed one.

In closing, TUA University gives ministers and devout Christians a competitive edge in evangelism, education, training and leadership skills for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.