The Theological University of America
Jason Joseph and Wife
Jason and Elaine Joseph

PhD Candidate
Linwood church of Christ, 2523 Main St., Buffalo, New York

After having spent 18 years in the Pharmaceutical industry, first as a mechanical technician for 10 years, and secondly as a production supervisor for 8 years, I was asked by the church of Christ congregation located in the Buffalo NY, area, to fill the office of the assistant Minister for that congregation in 1998. After moving to Buffalo NY in 2002, just 95 miles away, I began to pursue a higher but balanced education spiritually.

As a pre-requisite, it was necessary for me to have the necessary theological education in order to properly fulfill the office officially. I enrolled in the Theological University of America which was strongly recommended by the Senior Minister Dr. John Smiley, because of their strong biblical and theological emphasis.

I am currently a student at the TUofA, where I have obtained the Master of Ministry and the Master of Theology degrees, and I am currently engaged in completing the Doctor of Theology degree to add to my resume. I am very proud of the accomplishments which the (TUofA) has afforded me. It has been very profitable to me in my ministry.

Raised in the large city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, my wife and I first heard the gospel preached by Evangelist Dr. John A. Smiley, on the radio from the church of Christ in Buffalo, NY. They offered a free Bible correspondence course and upon completion we were baptized into Christ in 1994. Four years later, I was asked to work with the congregation in Buffalo in the capacity of assistant Minister, the office in which I am currently employed.

I do not believe that any of my success would be possible without the unwavering support of my beautiful and intelligent wife, Elaine, who is the one who encouraged me to begin my studies at TUofA in the first place. So I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge her faithful support and encouragement. She is, indeed, my best friend and my biggest cheer-leader.

The education I've received from the Theological University of America under the guidance of Dr. Jim Benton (president), and the faculty through the on-line program and especially the one-on-one classes via the phone was not only super-convenient for my busy schedule, but it was also a very effective tool for interaction and dialog between professor and student at any time of the day. This was especially refreshing and almost unheard of in academia for which I commend the school highly.

I highly recommend the Theological University of America to anyone wanting a strong, disciplined, and balanced spiritual education, from a likewise institution. May God continue to bless them as they endeavor to Serve Christ Worldwide.