The Theological University of America
Duncan Ojiambo

University Education
2015: Master of Arts (in progress). Theological University of America.
2014-2015: Bachelors of Arts Theological University of America (TUA)

2010-2012: Diploma in theology, (African Christian College-Manzini Swaziland)
Courses learnt: (Computer Skills, English 1 and 2, The life and teachings of Christ, The book of Acts, Old Testament History, Mathematics, Introduction to Bible Studies, Religious Communication, Personal Evangelism, General Epistles, Hermeneutics, Spiritual formation, World History, Cultural Anthropology, Psychology and Counseling, World Religions, Systems Theory, Church History, Systematic Theology, Ethics, Behavior Change Psychology, Romans/Galatians, Preachers life and work, Social Psychology, Introduction to Christian Leadership, Trauma Counseling.)

2010 - 2012: Certificate in Religious Studies (Nations University, United States of America)-Online Study. Subjects learnt: Undergraduate Pre-Test (BRS 00a), The Hebrew Scriptures (BRS 1), The Greek Scriptures (BRS 2), A search for Spirituality (BRS 16.6), The Church of the First Five Decades (BRS 13), Theology of the Hebrew Scriptures (BRS 3), Exegesis of the Hebrew Scriptures (BRS 19).

2012: certified as a trainer of NewLife Behavior International Curriculum, by Dr HM Motsinger, founder and president of New Life Behavior International.

2013, I was appointed a Director of New Life Behavior International in Uganda.

2008-2010: Diploma in Social Development (YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION-JINJA BRANCH (YMCA) Courses learnt: (Sociology, Social Administration, Economics, Social Research and Statistics, Social Psychology, Action for Social Development, Social Group work, Audit Education, Human Resource Management, Project planning and management, Social Policy and Planning, Sociology of Crime & Deviance, Social Casework, Agency Administration, Human Growth Behavior & Development, Field Work.

2009: Short Course: Public Administration and Management (African Population Institute; Nsibirwa Road, Makerere University, P.O Box 10842, Kampala Uganda)
Tel: +256-772-712/702-836998
Courses Learnt: Introduction to Management Concepts, Teams and Team Leadership, Human Resource VS Personel management, Public Relations/ Communication skills, Budgeting and Fiscal management, Public Research and Data management, Resource analysis, Monitoring & Control.

2006-2010: Certificate of Completion in studies in The Bible-World Bible School.

2007: Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (U.A.C.E). Subjects learnt: General Paper, History, Economics, Christian Religion, Geography.

2000-2004: Uganda certificate Education, (Jinja Parents High (JIPA) College-Jinja Uganda)

Date of Birth: December 26th 1986.

Profession: Preacher, Teacher and Social Worker

Position: Graduate Preacher and Social Worker;,
Cell+256-773748299/ +256-754686416

Social worker/Preacher/teacher, 6 years forging cross functional community development education and biblical education both in the communities, Churches and private education systems.

A self-driven, resourceful and visionary team player and leader, keen on facilitating community participation in community development affairs, developing and nurturing talents for self-sustainability.

Currently working with a non-profit organization called kibo group Uganda as a social worker helping communities improve their lives; teach Bible and Behaviour change lessons at Harding Christian Academy and Church Minister/Preacher at Jinja Church of Christ.

Have conducted 41 New Life behaviour training seminars to preachers/church leaders, college students, High School students, inmates and professional teachers in both eastern and Northern regions of Uganda.

Leads the together learning among fellow teachers at Harding Christian Academy based on the approach of mentoring and Christ like Character modelling. This has led to overall teacher-student relationship and character improvement in the school.

Co-ordinator World Bible School in Uganda; have trained, mentored and recommended a friend to be hired by WBS as the Director WBS-Uganda; namely: Geoffrey Oguttu.

CAREER OBJECTIVE To educate, inform, motivate, inspire, and inculcate positive behavior change through guidance and counseling, teaching and preaching. be an accomplished researcher and planner;
To participate in community work that will enhance beneficial and sustainable impact on the society.

To assist the peers engage in constructive opinions that will enable one to relate their aptitudes, abilities to current, future, social, educational and vocational opportunities and requirements.
To spearhead management communication strategies that will lead to conflict resolution and fidelity of communication.

Community development, Bible Education, Mentoring and counseling, general students instruction Kibo group-Uganda January, 2013- Present

Bible teacher - “Harding Christian Academy.

Main tasks carried out: Have developed baseline survey questioner used by Mvule project (Kibo group) in new prospected village of operation. Developed tools and techniques to monitor the students’ progress in behaviour, capacity building and Spiritual growth on term basis. Enhanced mentoring and preaching coaching methodology throughout the school setup. ave established the programme performance controls and measurement tools for Bible department at Harding Christian Academy July 10th, 2009: Participated in the Uganda YMCA Interbranch Quiz and Public Speech Competitions which was held at Mukono YMCA Branch. I managed to help YMCA Jinja branch come the second after Kampala Branch.

2008-2009: Participated in the YMCA students Guild Council, serving as Vice Guild President. I was awarded the certificate of merit on 14th Nov 2009.

While at YMCA I also chartered and served as charter chairman of INTERGRITY AMBASSADORS' CLUB. This club was officially launched facilitated by the Ass Inspectorate General of Government-IGG at Crested Cranes Hotel Jinja.

While at African Christian College; I served on the Students Representative Council as a welfare minister.

While at Jinja Parents (JIPA) College; I served as assistant Prime Minister on the students' leadership council.


References : English: Excellent in speaking, reading and writing.
Kiswahili: Can Speak and read.
Luhya: Excellent in speaking, reading and writing.
Lusoga: Can Speak and read.
Luganda: Can speak and read.

Mr. Lynn Rhodes Professor at African Christian College-Swaziland Email:

Mr. Lambart Adrart Principal YMCA-Jinja branch Email:

Mr. Abraham Mulongo Manager Mvule Project/Kibogroup Uganda Email: Cell: +256-782-459-634

Mr Kurt Platt Senior Lecturer African Christian College-Swaziland Email: Cell: +26825506080

Brad Carter President African Christian College-Swaziland Email:

Dr. H.M Motsinger President/Founder New Life Behavior International Email: Cell: +12148505091

Dr. Joel Professor Nations University-USA Email:

Dr Wayne McReynolds Lecturer/registrar Theological University of America Email:

Dr. Jim Benton President Theological University of America Email: