The Theological University of America
Thomas Snead
Dr. Thomas Snead, Jr

Official Court Reporter

With humble thanks to Dr. Jim Benton for his love, kindness, and especially patience in guiding and teaching me, I was awarded the Doctor of Ministry degree from the Theological University of America on August 1, 2002. I was born in Arkansas, graduated from high school in Newkirk, Oklahoma in 1950, I graduated with an Associate of Arts degree from Central Christian College in 1952 with a major in Bible and minor in Greek. While a student, the Department of Bible of Central Christian College presented me with Informal Ordination, a document required to perform marriage ceremonies in Oklahoma.

While still in high school I was the regular song leader for the Lord’s church in Newkirk and occasionally preached. While a student in Central Christian College I often went on Sunday afternoons to lead singing for evening services at small area towns and later began preaching on Sundays. I worked a two-week “Camp La Quinta” to introduce area high school students to the college and what it offered. In the summer between colleges I preached at Caldwell, Kansas. I was a student at Abilene Christian College in 1953 -1954 and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Practical Bible (Bible application) and minor in Biblical Bible (study of the text).

I met Patricia Johnson at Abilene Christian and we married 1953. For seven years I preached full time in Texas and Oklahoma. Because we were moving more than was good for my family I went to Lippert’s Court Reporting school in Plainview, Texas from 1962-1964 driving to preaching appointments on Sundays. Upon graduation we moved to Nacogdoches, Texas then to Lufkin, Texas where I completed 32 years as Official Court Reporter with 5 years in Nacogdoches 145th Judicial District Court and 27 years in Lufkin 159th Court. I have preached almost continuously with small congregations since 1951 as opportunity presented itself. I have been preaching or teaching at the Bald Hill Church of Christ for 41 years with my son now the minister.

I urge all aspiring to become preachers to follow the Biblical example and learn a trade in addition to Bible. Every apostle knew a trade. Paul was a tent maker, Matthew a tax collector, Andrew, Peter, James, John professional fishermen. I recommend and urge students to contact Dr. Jim Benton of the Theological University of America and go on-line while working and further their education since growing old is mandatory but growing educationally is optimal, make a better life while you make a living.