The Theological University of America

Bachelor of Arts - Theological University of America
Master of Arts - Theological University of America

I was born purposed with a life to serve the Kingdom of God. I have been active in the church throughout my entire life. I began singing praise and worship at the age of five. My love for worship has become my place of intimacy with Jesus Christ.

I began my studies at The University of Alabama as a Pre-Medicine/Microbiology major. I later joined the United States Army, where I served for six years.

In 2004 I was introduced to the Southern Sudanese Youth Connection. They are refugees from the terrible wars in Sudan. I joined their non-profit organization as an Executive Director. During my tenure, I worked with Dell Computers, the offices of Senator Lamar Alexander and Congressman Jim Cooper in obtaining funding and IT equipment to establish a computer lab. I was fortunate to engage instructors from the local School Systems to teach English as a second language and basic computer skills.

I coupled my position of Chief Analytic Officer for the Tennessee Department of Education to further teaching and training for the Southern Sudanese Connection and the local Davidson County Department of Education. During my tenure at The Department of Education, I worked with Microsoft and the University of Tennessee Knoxville, for an Educational Grant from the U.S. Department of Education to establish a Statewide Student Longitudinal Database. (SLDS) The concerted efforts of this organization paid off and landed the Tennessee Department of Education a grant in the amount of $5M to fund the SLDS. This effort continues today


I was blessed to meet Dr. Jim Benton in 2004. I have soared spiritually and educationally under his tutorledge. Dr. Benton has been a Godsend to my life and I have accomplished a Bachelors of Arts and a Masters of Art under his guidance. I am currently applying for my Doctorate Degree from the Theological University of America. I will forever be thankful to God and Dr. Benton for the accomplishments afforded me.

I am blessed to have had the spiritual foundation of my family. I continue to work locally and globally with Church Missions and Organizations to share Jesus Christ and his salvation. God is the CORE of my life. I would be lost without him.