The Theological University of America
Minister Gerald Groves

Theological University of America - Enrolled Doctor of Ministry
Master of Biblical Studies - Bear Valley Bible Institute
Bachelor of Theology - Bear Valley Bible Institute.

I am in love with God and His word. I am overwhelmed by the sacrifice of Jesus and I am engrossed in the work of the kingdom. I am in awe of God’s grace, as He can use ‘even me’ to accomplish His will (1 John 3:1). Glory to His name!

I am in love with my wife Debra of over 26 years and the love of our lives is our precious daughter Angela. Without their support and prayers I could not do the work of the Lord.


After completing the rigorous undergraduate work at Bear Valley as well as finishing the graduate study program, I was looking to further equip myself for work in the ministry. The Validation program for the Doctorate in ministry at TAU is a perfect fit for me, as it takes into account my past and current work and ministry. It also allows me to work at my own pace, while continuing to fulfill the requirements of my day to day schedule. I am thankful to Jim for his guidance and I am enjoying the classes immensely. The instructors are challenging my thinking as well as encouraging and equipping me with the tools I need to better minister to God’s children and to the lost and hurting.

As one of my preacher friend say’s “Let’s wear out and not rust out for the Lord”. The education and inspiration I am receiving from TUA is propelling me even further to do the work and I am proud to call myself and Alumni. To God be the glory!

Servant/ preacher “Baptized as a youth” I have always been drawn to preaching and preached my first sermon at 16 years old. There’s just something about sharing the gospel of Christ!

I currently serve as the minister for the Higher Ground church of Christ in Aurora Colorado. It is a church plant of loving, dedicated and hard-working saints, seeking to serve the Lord. We began our work together in June of 2013 and the Lord has blessed the work of His hands.

“Save the lost, edify the saved and help the hurting in the name of Christ” is our mission. Our goal is to have an impact in our surrounding community by going out and engaging them on a long term and sustainable basis, in order to comfort them with the comfort of Christ, and bring them to the Lord. To that point we are very active with a rehab center, homeless shelter, food bank as well as active with the community with city, police, fire, and nonprofits, seeking to establish a footprint for Christ and His church wherever we go. This work has resulted in multiple conversions to Christ as many have put Him on in baptism for the remission of their sins.

Past work

Minister (part time) Lakeside church of Christ- Colorado Springs Colorado 2005-2008 (left to attend school (fulltime). 603 S Hancock Ave. Colorado Springs, CO 80903-4538

Minister (fulltime) Lone tree church of Christ 2010-2013 (left to become minister of the Higher Ground church of Christ). Church plant- no longer in existence.

Minister (fulltime) Higher Ground church of Christ-2103-present. Church Plant meeting at South Middle school 12310 E Parkview Dr. Aurora, CO 80011.

I also served as the membership and assistant minister for the Park east church of Christ (now church of Christ at Forest St. 3500 Forest St. Denver Co 80207 from about 2000-2005.

Duties included preaching sermons, teaching Bible class and contacting delinquent members in order to bring them back into the fold.

I have also enjoyed campaigns and a gospel meeting on the Navajo Reservation in Kayenta Arizona.

I was also blessed to participate in several door knocking campaigns with the Bear valley institute.

I also serve as an author for Think Magazine by focus press and serve as a co-editor as well as write a blog called canwereason, a WordPress publication.

I love the Lord and I thank Him for allowing me to serve Him.

In Christ Gerald L. Groves