The Theological University of America
Dana Pentecost

Bachelor of Arts Music
Part-Time Teacher

I was a student of music from my youth, taking piano lessons as a child. I also took voice lessons from several talented individuals. One was an adjunct professor at Belmont University and Lipscomb University. Another was a professor at Austin Peay University. My husband is a graduate from the Theological University of America and he suggested that I contact Dr. Benton to inquire about completing my degree. I had completed an Associate of Science degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashworth College. Dr. Benton graciously worked with me to help me fulfill a lifelong dream of completing my education in music. I am thankful for the school and individuals committed to teaching and assisting their students.

I became a Christian at an early age. I was able to lead my husband to Christ while he was a Jehovah’s Witness. My mother spent hours studying and explaining where his doctrine was in error. He came to Christ 37 years ago. For many years, I taught young children in Bible classes and in personal music class settings. I have also directed many programs at church for the elderly, complete with music, skits, and costumes. One of my favorite activities is performing at recitals and planning them for my students to highlight their talents. Our congregation has a Christmas program each year on Saturday morning for the widows, and I usually perform several musical renditions.

I spent my younger years as a devoted wife and mother, and completed my education later in life. Eight years were dedicated to homeschooling my daughter in grades 5-12. In May 2012, she graduated from Lipscomb University. She studied graphic design and married in October 2012. Even though we have only one child, we have been fortunate to parent foster children. One young man was from China. He was here in the United States for several months undergoing reconstructive surgery for extensive burns. I have become close to many of my students. We both have a deep love for children. We are now empty nesters, looking forward one day to having grandchildren. My husband and daughter have been my supporters throughout my educational pursuits. They are proud of my accomplishments and I am thankful for the opportunity to pursue my goals with TUA. I encourage anyone looking to complete an education to contact Dr. Benton. He will be glad to assist you.