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Tim and Von

This Christian husband and wife are living in a highly sensative area where it is best not to reveal their names, faces or location.

This month's feature focuses on a couple who initially met one another in an area of East Asia that cannot yet be openly evangelized. They met in early 2011 as co-workers there in a learning institution where they both teach English as a foreign language.

Discovering that they both had a strong faith in Christ and a desire to promote His cause, they began weekly Bible studies together and with other co-workers. With agreement in doctrine and purpose, they began working together to reach out to others, including other foreign teachers, students, and local people.

By 2012 a Church was planted beginning with six baptisms. It meets each week in a donated portion of a local business building. The couple and their Church family, along with other seekers have refurbished the building, and added plenty of Bibles and other learning materials. However, out of necessity, it is strategically designed to appear outwardly to be something other than a Church.

The attendance is variable, between 3 and 12. The core group do not all live in the same area, but attend whenever they can. Often the attendance is 2 to 4 members and 3 to 9 "seekers" who have repeatedly attended as their schedules allow. Several of the core group have been involved in reaching out to friends and family. The total number that have been "talked to" about Jesus exceeds 500 souls.

The couple expects more baptisms to be happening in the next few months as they continue to teach several who appear to be almost ready to obey the Lord. They look forward to seeing the core group expand. The couple has made some progress in communicating the truth in love to two denominational groups, with a combined network of over 500 people.

In addition the couple has distributed dual-language Bibles to dorm rooms and families in such a way that they are available to over six hundred students and local people.

As the couple continued their work together in devotion to Christ and His Church, their devotion to one another increased also. They decided they wanted to work together for the rest of their lives and were wed this summer. They now joyfully serve the Lord as husband and wife.

It has become evident on several occasions that the couple's activity is presently becoming too well known in the community. Therefore, for the safety of the ones they have taught and to preserve their own ability to remain in the country they are planning to move to another area of the same country next year. There they will maintain the ability to edify and train the ones that have been taught and to help them continue to teach the seekers.

They look to Lord to help them make converts in the new area and repeat the process there. The couple has seen it demonstrated that God is the great opener of doors in places where it is believed that the doors are closed. The couple has been, and remains, determined to make themselves available to the Lord, and pray to be useful and fruitful in His kingdom.

They encourage others to believe that God will use people who make themselves available to the Lord. They hope all will prepare themselves for the work, give themselves to the cause, and let the Lord who is the opener of doors lead the way.