The Theological University of America
Dr. Gary Finley

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering
    General Motors Institute
Master of Science in Engineering
    University of Michigan
Professional Mechanical Engineer
    Michigan State Board of Registration
Master of Arts [Divinity]
    Theological University of America
Doctorate of Ministry [Leadership]
    Theological University of America

God has truly, “Caused all things to work together for good” in my life (Rom.8:28). I have especially been blessed with a loving wife Diane (52 years); two faithful children Lance and Gina; their spouses Lisa and Joey; as well as with six grandchildren: Laken, Landon, Macy, Jacob, Lauren and Lilly.

My wife and I both grew up through High School in Michigan on dairy farms as the oldest of seven and eight children respectfully. Farm life gave us both excellent life-experiences with our siblings attending livestock and harvesting various produce.

My career as a graduate engineer transcended forty (40) years in General Motors Corporation. Worked in Manufacturing (including supplier plants), Marketing, Government Relations, Overseas Germany/South Korea (three years, BOD Jt. Venture), World-Wide Product Planning, and Product Engineering in Chevrolet and Cadillac Car Divisions.

Shortly after our marriage, my wife and I spent fifteen (15) years in Youth Ministry. Then I spent eighteen (18) years as an Elder. During this time, I taught Bible classes and preached as the occasion provided. While being an Elder, traveled three times to Gambia in West Africa, and twice to San Cristobal in Venezuela. Have also preached in Canada, Hawaii, India, Nigeria, South Africa, South Korea, and Thailand. Have traveled through all fifty (50) States and in over fifty (50) countries.

It was not until I was sixty-eight (68) years old that I decided to start work on a Doctorate degree. Finished four years later at seventy-two (72) years old. One is never too old to continue learning.

The program at Theological University of America was strenuous, but immensely rewarding. The rigor helped to stimulate my mind to comprehend and to recall things like I could as a younger man. Learned to do in depth Biblical research (including interviews) and to write comprehensive reports. My wife was a tremendous help in proofing my reports and in shielding me from unnecessary interruptions. And, I could never have justified the Doctorate program had it not been that it was very affordable compared to other far more costlier programs.

Jim Benton deserves merited mention for instituting this academic university with all Church of Christ professors having Doctorate degrees. Every professor is very well qualified to teach, and they each have a 1:1 selfless compassion to mentor. May I also give further mention of the incredible training done by Dr. Miles Cotham. The program was every bit as rigorous as any program taken in my engineering curriculum at the University of Michigan (one of the top five engineering schools in the Nation). I have every confidence in any degree earned at the Theological University of America. Thank you, Jim Benton!