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< DIV id="pleaseclickhere"> Please click here to see the fields of study available for your major and minor fields for the Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees and the courses from which you can choose to complete your degrees. Please keep in mind that you may choose to design in consultation with your Major Professor each of your courses. < DIV id="degrees"> BACHELOR MASTER AND DOCTORATE DEGREES < DIV id="pathsmethods"> PATHS and METHODS < DIV id="whatdotheymean"> What do they mean for my degree program?
< DIV id="howwillibenefit"> How will I benefit from them?

< DIV id="pathscontext"> A Path is the way you choose to complete your degree program.

You can choose:

Online completion of your degree program

Oncampus completion of your degree program

Validation completion of your degree program
< DIV id="methodspattern"> A Method is your choice of activities for the way you choose to complete your degree program.

You can choose to:

take courses

take comprehensive examinations

complete research projects

< DIV class="auto-style2" id="pandmworking"> Here's how Paths and Methods work together to give you great flexibility in your degree program: < DIV id="contextsandpatterns"> Let's say you choose to follow the Path of an Online degree program. You can choose, for instance, to take courses to complete all of your degree credits. But, on the other hand, you might not want to take any courses at all and complete your degree through research activities. Yet, again, you might want to mix it up a little in your degree program and complete some credits by each of the activities of courses, research, and examination. That is ok. You will have a great educational experience.

< DIV id="choiceisyours"> The choice is yours to make.

< DIV id="besuretotakealook"> Be sure to take a look at the links under 3 Paths and 3 Methods at the top left of this page for additional, useful information about Paths and Methods. Give us a call or send an e-mail with any questions you may have. We are glad to hear from you.    1 800 347 8658 < DIV id="programsfirst"> 3 PATHS < DIV id="onlinefirst">ONLINE < DIV id="oncampusfirst">ONCAMPUS < DIV id="validationfirst">VALIDATION < DIV id="methodsfirst"> 3 METHODS < DIV id="coursesfirst">COURSES < DIV id="researchfirst">RESEARCH < DIV id="examinationfirst">EXAMINATION < UL id="faculty">FACULTY < DIV id="onlinecampusanchor"> < DIV id="onlinetop"> < DIV id="research"> < DIV id="experiencestop"> < DIV id="oncampustop">