The Theological University of America


Bachelor of Archaeology

AR 100 Introduction to Archaeology
AR 120 Historical Background to Biblical Archaeology
AR 150 Culture and Archaeology
AR 200 Archaeological Record of the Bible
AR 220 Archaeology and Exegesis of the Bible
AR 300 Archaeological Record of Pre-Israel Caanan
AR 350 Archaeological Evidence of Cultural Shift In Caanan during Israel Occupation
AR 400 Archeological Significance of Jewish-Christian Cultures to the Bible
AR 440 Readings
AR 486 Research Paper

Master of Archaeology

AR 500 Biblical Archaeology and Creation
AR 510 Archaeology from the Garden of Eden and the Fall to the Flood
AR 530 Archaeology from Abraham through the Kingdom of Israel
AR 550 Archaeology in the Intertestamental Period and Mediterranean Influences
AR 560 Archaeology from the Time of Jesus to the Roman Conquest of Jerusalem
AR 570 Archaeology of Greece and Rome and the Influence on Christianity
AR 580 Influence of Archaeological Finds on Contemporary Religious Thought
AR 596 Readings
AR 698 Research Paper


Certificate of Christian Chaplaincy

1. Foundation of Christian Chaplaincy
2. Chaplaincy First Responder Certification
3. Introduction to Emergency Services Chaplaincy
4. Death Notification and Related Issues
5. Getting Started in Emergency Services Chaplaincy


Bachelor of Christian Counseling

COU 301 Biblical Principles and Christian Counseling
COU 352 Introduction to Basic Counseling Skills
COU 360 Developing Counseling Skills
COU 412 Introduction to Modern Therapies
COU 415 The Bible as Resource for Pastoral Care
COU 430 Marriage and Family Counseling
COU 435 Child and Family Development
COU 440 Preventive Strategies in Family Relations
COU 496 Readings
COU 498 Project or Paper

Master of Christian Counseling

COU 500 Ethics and Accountability in Counseling
COU 510 Communication and Relational Skills
COU 515 Counseling the Teen Years
COU 520 Counseling in Crises
COU 525 Contemporary Gender Counseling
COU 550 Premarital Counseling
COU 570 Intervention Counseling
COU 596 Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage
COU 598 Project or Paper

Doctor of Christian Counseling

COU 601a Advanced Study of Counseling Therapies
COU 601b Advanced Study of Counseling Therapies
COU 606 Dynamics in Human Behavior
COU 620 Grief Counseling
COU 625 Theories and Process of Groups
COU 630 Theories and Process of Personal Integration
COU 640 Divorce
COU 660 Counseling Adults Throughout the Stages of Life
COU 690 Counseling as a Ministry of the Church
COU 696 Readings
COU 697 Research
COU 698 Project or Dissertation


Bachelor of Christian Education

CE 100 Introduction to Christian Education: History and Philosophy
CE 150 The Church and Christian Education
CE 299 Pre-School Christian Education Programs
CE 250 Grades 1 through 6 in Christian Education
CE 310 Grades 7 through 9 in Christian Education
CE 340 Grades 10 through 12 in Christian Education
CE 350 Single Adult Christian Education
CE 400 Married Adult Christian Education
CE 460 Teacher Selection and Training for Christian Education
CE 480 Leadership Development and Administration

Master of Christian Education

CE 500 Psychology of Christian Education
CE 520 Evaluating Candidates for Leadership Positions
CE 550 Evaluating Candidates for Teaching Responsibilities
CE 560 Classroom Preparation
CE 570 Preparation and Delivery of Lesson Plans
CE 580 Administration of the Church Bible School
CE 590 Biblical Principles of Christian Education
CE 596 Readings
CE 598 Paper or Project

Doctor of Christian Education

CE 620 Developing Valid Program Objectives, Measurement and Analysis
CE 630 Innovations in Christian Education and Biblical Criteria
CE 634 Troubled Youth
CE 640 The Learning Environment in the Local Church Education Program
CE 650 Advanced Teacher Training
CE 660 Logistical Administration of the Church Education Program
CE 670 Youth-Home-Church Matrix
CE 496 Readings
CE 497 Project CE 498 Dissertation


Bachelor of Church Growth

CG 100 The Church: Its Origin, Purpose, and Destiny
CG 150 The Message of the Church
CG 200 Leaders and Led in the Church
CG 230 The Church and Mission in the World
CG 310 The Church: Conflicts Within and Without
CG 330 The Reality of Growing the Church
CG 370 Every Christian a Missionary
CG 480 Preparation and Commitment to Church Growth
CG 496 Readings
CG 498 Paper or Project

Master of Church Growth

CG Means and Methods for Church Growth
CG Small Church Growth: Challenges and Opportunities
CG Organizing for Church Growth
CG Technology and Church Growth
CG Elders and Church Growth
CG Training Programs for Members
CG Community Participation and Church Growth
CG Readings
CG Project or Paper

Doctor of Church Growth

CG 600 Comparative Church Planting Programs
CG 610 Comparative Church Growth Programs
CG 620 Organization and Participation in Achieving Church Planting Programs
CG 630 Organization and Participation in Achieving Church Growth Programs
CG 650 Contribution and Utilization of Communication Techniques and Media
CG 660 Strategic Planning and Progress Reviews in Church Planting
CG 680 Community Evaluation and Analysis: Resource for Progress
CG 685 Media in Church Growth
CG 690 Social Media in Church Growth
CG 696 Readings
CG 698 Project or Dissertation (12 credits)


Bachelor of Church History

CH Introduction to Church History
CH Rome, Jerusalem and the Beginning of the Church
CH The Church in the First Century
CH The Church:the Second Century through the Fifth Century
CH The Church of the Early Middle Ages
CH The Church of the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation
CH The Enlightenment and the Restoration Movement
CH Post Modern Church
CH Readings
CH Paper

Master of Church History

CH 500 Theological Development: the 2nd Century AD through the 5th Century AD
CH 510 Emergence of the Catholic Church: the 2nd Cent. AD through the 5th Cent. AD
CH 540 Expansion of the Church through the 5th Century AD
CH 550 Charlemagne and His Sons and the Future of the Church
CH 560 Beginning of the Modern State and the Role of the Church
CH 580 The New World and the Church
CH 590 The Restoration Movement in the US: Challenges, Successes and Failures
CH 596 Readings
CH 598 Paper

Doctor of Church History

CH 600 Leading Theologians:first 6 centuries
CH 610 Divisions and Controversies in the Church until Charlemagne
CH 620 Crusades and Its Consequences
CH 630 Formation of the Byzantine Church
CH 635 Leading Theologians:7th Century Through the 17th Century
CH 640 Divisions and Controversies in the Church since Charlemagne
CH 650 Leading Theologians from the 17th Century to the Present
CH 670 The Church in the United States to 1865
CH 680 The Church in the United States until the Present
CH 696 Readings
CH 698 Dissertation


Bachelor of Greek

LGG a,b Beginning Greek (8)
LGG 200a,b Intermediate Greek I (8)
LGG 240a,b Intermediate Greek II (8)
LGG 300a,b Advanced Greek I (8)
LGG 400 a,b Advanced Greek II (8)

Master's Degree Courses

LGG 500 New Testament Greek: Syntax (4)
LGG 520 New Testament Greek: Gospel (8)
LGG 530 New Testament Greek: Epistle (8)
LGG 540 New Testament Greek: Thematic Study (8)
LGG 560 New Testament Greek: Exegetical Study (8)

Doctor of Greek

All Courses in New Testament Greek at the doctorate level will be determined based on the outcome of a comprehensive New Testament Greek examination of the applicant's preparation for New Testament Greek doctorate study.


Bachelor of Hebrew

LGH llla,b Beginning Hebrew (8)
LGH 112a,b Intermediate Hebrew I (8)
LGH 113a,b Intermediate Hebrew II (8)
LGH 114a,b Advanced Hebrew I (8)
LGH 115a,b Advanced Hebrew II (8)

Master of Hebrew

LGH 500 Old Testament Hebrew: Syntax (8)
LGH 510 Old Testament Hebrew: Textual Study (8)
LGH 520 Old Testament
Hebrew: Pentateuch (8)
LGH 530 Old Testament Hebrew: Prophets (8)
LGH 540 Old Testament Hebrew: Readings (4)

Doctor of Hebrew

All Courses in Old Testament Hebrew at the doctorate level will be determined based on the outcome of a comprehensive Old Testament Hebrew examination of the applicant's preparation for Old Testament Hebrew doctorate study.


Bachelor of Homiletics and Preaching

HP 300 Introduction to Human Communication
HP 330 Public Speaking
HP 350 Sermon Building
HP 380 Sermon Delivery
HP 390 Expository
HP 400 Topical Preaching
HP 420 Essentials of Argumentation and
HP 460 Persuasive
HP 470 Techniques of Criticism
HP 480 The Preacher and His Preaching

Master of Homiletics and Preaching

HP 500 The Preaching Program
HP 520 Preaching on Special Occasions
HP 530 Sermon Organization, Illustration, Support, and Proof
HP 550 The Preacher and Church
HP 560 The Preacher and The Media Opportunities
HP 540 The Preacher's Other Congregational Duties
HP 570 The Preacher and Community Relations
HP 580 The Spiritual Development of the Preacher
HP 590 Analysis of Sermons of Selected Preachers

Doctor of Homiletics and Preaching

HP 600 Homiletics
HP 620 Advanced Preaching
HP 630 Sermon Series
HP 640 Evangelistic Preaching
HP 650 The Preaching of Selected Preachers
HP 660 Hermeneutics
HP 670 The Preacher and the Congregation
HP 675 Preaching on Contemporary Issues
HP 680 Readings
HP 696 Preaching Practicum (6)
HP 699 Dissertation/Project (15)


Bachelor of Leadership and Administration

LA 400 Leadership and the Church
LA 410 Leadership Training: Deacons
LA 420 Leadership Training: Elders
LA 430 Training Leaders for Specific Ministries: Church Management
LA 440 Traning Leaders for Specific Ministeies: Bible School
LA 450 Training Leaders for Specific Ministeries: Outreach
LA 460 Training Leaders for Specific Ministries: Planning
LA 470 Preparing the Cngregation to Select Elders
LA 496 Readings
LA 498 Paper

Master's Degree of Leadership and Administration

LA 500 Goal Setting: Church Growth
LA 510 Goal Setting: Bible School Teacher and Curriculum Quality
LA 520 Goal Setting: Spirituality of Each Member of the Congregation
LA 530 Goal Setting: Criteria to Determine Areas for Involvement and Improvement
LA 540 Financial Appropriations for Prioritized Activities
LA 550 Challenges of Leadership in Small and Large Congregations
LA 560 Removing or Retiring Elders and Deacons for Cause
LA 596 Readings
LA 598 Paper

Doctor of Leadership and Administration

LA 610 Leadership Division of Responsibility
LA 620 Strategic Leadership
LA 630 Organizational Change and Spiritual Development
LA 640 Leadership through Social Media
LA 650 Leadership Effective Use of Technology
LA 640 Psychology of Leadership
LA 650 Leadership Communication Skills: Written and Spoken
LA 660 Leadership Comprehensive Knowledge of the Bible and Church History
LA 670 Leadership Example for the Congregation and Community
LA 696 Readings
LA 967 Internship
LA 968 Dissertatio


Bachelor of Ministry

NT 300 The New Testament
OT 320 The Old Testament
MIN 300 Introduction to Ministry
MIN 310 Introduction to Spiritual Formation
MIN 320 Principles and Practice of Church Growth
MIN 330 Introduction to Counseling
MIN 345 Homiletics and Preaching
MIN 390 Life and Work of the Minister
MIN 396 Personal Evangelism
MIN 398 Project or Paper

Master of Ministry

MIN 500 Introduction to Counseling MIN 503 Expository Preaching
MIN 504 Worship
MIN 510 Family and Church Life
MIN 525 Leadership in The Church
MIN 519 Management Strategies for Congregational Life
MIN 540 The Church Educational Program
MIN 596 Readings
MIN 598 Project or Paper

Doctor of Ministry

MIN 600 Leadership Development
MIN 610 Selection and Training of Teachers for Bible School
MIN 630 Marriage and Family Ministries in the Local Church
MIN 640 Church Planning and Priorities
MIN 660 Local Church and World Outreach
MIN 670 Church Relations with the Community
MIN 680 Preaching Calendar
MIN 682 Preaching Topical Sermon Series
MIN 683 Preaching for Special Occasions
MIN 696 Readings
MIN 698 Dissertation


Bachelor of Missions

NT 300 The New Testament
OT 310 The Old Testament
MIN 320 Introduction to Missions
MISS 330 Missions in the New Testament
MISS 340 The Missionary: Selection, Preparation, Vocation
MISS 420 Missions in the United States
MISS 470 Missions in Foreign Countries
MISS 496 Readings
MISS 497 Mission Internship
MISS 498 Paper

Master of Missions

MISS 500 Contemporary Cultures
MISS 520 Intercultural Communications
MISS 530 Cross-cultural Evangelism
MISS 540 History and Theology of Contemporary World Religions
MISS 550 Evangelizing Asia
MISS 560 Evangelizing Africa and Middle East
MISS 570 Evangelizing Europe Union
MISS 596 Readings
MISS 598 Project or Paper

Doctor of Missions

MISS 600 Physical, Mental, Spiritual Personal Resources
MISS 610 Mission Locations
MISS 620 Detailed Plans for Current and Future Operations
MISS 630 Financial Considerations and Reliable Sources of Support
MISS 640 Missionary Families with Children
MISS 650 Spiritual Resources for the Missionary on Location
MISS 695 Internship I
MISS 696 Readings
MISS 697 Internship II
MISS 698a Report on First Internship
MISS 698b Report On Second Internship


Bachelor of New Testament

NT 300 The New Testament
NT 340 The Gospel of Matthew
NT 364 The Gospel of John and His Epistles
NT 380 Gospel and Law: Romans, Galatians, Hebrews
NT 400 Greek New Testament I
NT 410 The Prison Epistles
NT 430 The Pastoral Epistles
NT 460 The Revelation of John
NT 496 Readings
NT 498 Paper

Master of New Testament

NT 500 Christology
NT 510 New Testament Exegesis I
NT 520 Gospels of Mark and Luke
NT 530 Acts of the Apostles
NT 540 New Testament Theology
NT 552 Greek New Testament II
NT 560 The Holy Spirit
NT 596 Readings
NT 598 Paper

Doctor of New Testament

NT 600 Jesus Christ
NT 620 Greek New Testament III
NT 630 New Testament Textual Criticism
NT 640 Advanced Exegesis: Gospel
NT 650 Advanced Exegesis: Epistles
NT 670 Old Testament Prophecy and the Christian Era
NT 680 Organization, Leadership, and Worship of the Church
NT 690 Religious Education and Outreach
NT 696 Readings
NT 697 Research Methods NT 698 Dissertation


Bachelor of Old Testament

OT 300 Introduction to the Old Testament
OT 320 The Covenants of the Old Testaments
OT 330 Pentateuch
OT 340 Creation to the Kingdom of Israel
OT 350 The Kingdom of Israel
OT 400 Minor Prophets
OT 420 Major Prophets
OT 460 Theology of Old Testament
OT 496 Readings
OT 498 Paper

Master of Old Testament

OT 500 Old Testament Exegesis
OT 510 Temple Service and Worship
OT 520 Exile
OT 530 Second Temple Period
OT 540 Historical Books of the Old Testament
OT 550 Wisdom Literature
OT 560 Psalms
OT 596 Readings
OT 598 Paper

Doctor of Old Testament

OT 600 Advanced Exegesis of Selected OT Books
OT 630 Old Testament Textual Criticism
OT 640 Developments during the Babylonian and Persian Captivities
OT 650 Ancient Middle Eastern Nations and Ancient Israel
OT 660 Israel and Rome
OT 680 Religious Thought in the Intertestamental Period
0T 690 The Apocrypha
OT 695 The Messianic Theology
OT 692 The Hebrew Language
OT 696 Readings
OT 698 Dissertation


Bachelor of Philosophy of Religion

CP 200 History of Western Philosophy I : Plato to Kant
CP 210 History of Western Philosophy II: Hegel to Quine
CP 320 History of Theological Thought I : Paul to Aquinas
CP 330 History of Theological Thought II: Aquinas to Tillich
CP 340 Philosophy of Religion
CP 350 History and Thought of Oriental Religions
CP 420 Ancient Greek Thought and New Testament Theology
CP 440 Gnosticism, Neoplatonism and Christianity
CP 496 Readings
CP 498 Paper

Master of Philosophy of Religion

CP 500 Rationalism

CP 510 Epistemology
CP 520 Empiricism
CP 530 Natural Theology
CP 560 Phenomenology
CP 570 Existentialism
CP 580 Pragmatism
CP 596 Reading Course
CP 598 Paper

Doctor of Philosophy of Religion

CP 600 Belief, Experience, and Symbol: The Interpretation of Religion
CP 610 Theism and Atheism: Justification and Critique
CP 630 Humanism and Anthropocentrism
CP 635 Monism and Evolutionary Theology
CP 660 Theology and Metaphysics
CP 670 Enlightenment Period
CP 690 Ethics and Theology in Personalism
CP 640 Philosophical Issues in Theology
CP 645 Philosophical Options in Contemporary Theology
CP 696 Readings
CP 698 Dissertation


Bachelor of Theology

NT 300 Theology of New Testament
OT 340 Theology of Old Testament
NT 360 Jesus Christ: Lord and Savior
THE 300 Systematic Theology I: First Century AD
THE 310 Systematic Theology II: Second Century through the Middle Ages
THE 320 Systematic Theology III: Renaissance into the Twenty-First Century
THE 400 Rise of the Papacy and Denominationalism
THE 410 Heresies and Traditional Responses
THE 420 Satan

Master of Theology

THE 505 Monasticism
THE 520 Mysticism
THE 530 Scholasticism
THE 560 Theology of the Byzantine Church
THE 570 Theology and the Rise of the Nation State
THE 560 Theology of Martin Luther
THE 570 Theology of John Calvin
THE 596 Readings
THE 598 Paper

Doctor of Theology

THE 600 Theological Developments in the American Colonies
THE 630 Revivalism and Restoration Movements
THE 640 Liberalism, Modernism, and Post-Modernism
THE 650 Denominational Church Doctrines and the New Testament Church
THE 660 Relational Theology
THE 670 Biblical Theology and Social Issues and Morality
THE 672 Christology
6 THE 680 Salvation
THE 690 Priesthood of Believers
THE 696 Readings
THE 698 Disserttion


Bachelor of Youth Ministry

NT 300 The New Testament
NT 310 The Old Testamemnt
MIN 300 Introduction to Ministry
MIN 320 Introduction to Youth Ministry
LDR 330 Principles of Leadership
YM 400 Youth and the Church
MIN 450 Introduction to Counseling
MIN 460 The Family
YM 496 Readings
YM 498 Paper

Master of Youth Ministry

YM 500 Youth and the Church
YM 510 Preparing Youth for Leadership in Church
YM 520 Youth and the Larger World Around Them
YM 530 Youth and Contemporary Cultures
YM 540 Youth Outreach
LDR 515 Leadership Ethics
LDR 540 Youth and Worship
YM 596 Readings
YM 598 Paper

Doctor of Youth Ministry

YM 600 How To Teach The Bible - Old and New Testaments
YM 610 Youth Communicating with Youth
YM 620 Youth Social Relationships
YM 630 Dating, Engagement and Christ
YM 640 Marriage, Family, and Christ
YM 650 Christian Goals in a Secular World
YM 660 Youth: From Childhood to Maturity
YM 670 Divorce
YM 680 Counseling Therapies and Youth Problems Resolution
YM 696 Readings
YM 698 Dissertation or Church Youth Project