The Theological University of America

Research Degree Programs

Degree Research Activities:

One Major Research Paper
Two Minor Research Papers
Defense of Major Research Paper
Examination over Major, Minor Research Papers
Comprehensive Examination over the historical
periods of your Major and Minor Papers

Research Writing Guidelines

As you consider writing your three papers, there are some characteristics that each will share.
The following is a brief overview you will want to consider as you begin to write:

1. the major format for scholarly papers you will use in your papers;
2. subject matters that have enough depth and breadth to provide content for your papers;
3. available research resources for the design and content of your papers;
4. time for researching and writing your three papers.

Research Plan

To successfully conclude each of your papers, you should consider developing a research plan that will guide you logically in your writing of your papers.

Here are some research ideas you may want to include in your research plan:

1. clearly formulate the research purpose
2. list the aspects of your purpose for research and how they relate to your purpose
3. outline the current scholarly knowledge relating to your purpose
4. present clearly your initial steps in clarifying your purppose and its meaning
5. sketch the research methodology you will use
6. show how your papers relate to their purposes and what is their significance
7. state in what aspects your papers are different, new or better as compared to existing approaches to the same purposes

Form of Presentation


Your major paper should be in the close proximity of 100 pages. Your minor papers should be in the close proximity of 50 pages each.

Such matters as the following will be determined by the scholarly form you choose for your papers:

title page
front and back matter
correct English usage