Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education: The Theological University of America has met the requirements of statelaw....having complied with Section 1005.06 (1)(f), Florida statues pursuant to religious education

Validation Degree Program
Tuition $975.00
No charge for first diploma
No charge for first transcript

Supervised Independent Study Degree Program
Tuition $1,795.00
No charge for first diploma
No charge for first transcript

Non-Traditional Online/Oncampus Degree Program
$155.00 per credit
No charge for first diploma
No charge for first transript

All tuition must be remitted in full before a degree is awarded and a diploma is sent to the student.

Transcripts will not be sent to the student nor sent to third parties requested by the student if the student's tuition and fees are in arrears.

Current students and current applicants will not be affected by future tuition increases. The Theological University of America may change tuition and fee charges at any time. The change of tuition charges will not be retroactive for current students at the time of the change or for active current applicants not yet enrolled.

Current tuition amounts for degree programs(online, on campus, and validation) are listed in separate sections (Tuition and Fees Remittance: US Citizens - Overseas Students) on the Tuition Information page.

All tuition for any degree program (online, on campus, and validation) will be reduced by 10% when the applicant remits the full tuitiom amount less the 10% at the time of enrollment.

Tuition remitted on installment will be due by 5th day of each month until the tuition is remitted in full. If the tuiion remittance is not recevied by the 5th day of each month a late charge of $5.00 will be added to the delinguent tuition amount.

I agree to all the statements in the Tuition Agreement Information section and have read and understood all the above terms and conditions.

I hereby guarantee payment of all amounts due pursuant to the Tuition Agreement Information.

By sending the completed Enrollment Form located on the official website of the Theological University of America, I confirm my agreement to the terms and conditions of my tuition charges to the Theological University of America.

Please return to the top of this page nnd click the ENROLLMENT link to send by e-mail.

Please complete the Enrollment Form.

When you complete and submit the Enrollment Form, you affirm that you agree with all the stipulations of the Tuition Agreement Information and will remit your tuition and fees accordingly.

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