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Dr. Ben Griffin

Griffin earned an AB in Bible from the Bellview Preaching Training School in 1987, 1992-2000 his BA, MA in Ministry and Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership and Organizational Development from the Theological University of America. In 2013, he earned his MA of Ministry in Leadership Studies, from Lancaster Bible College and Graduate School. He completed MPA course work in Strategic Management at UNCW in Wilmington, NC. He is founder of IFC Ministry and Southeastern Institute for Church Leadership. He is nationally certified as a Bereavement Facilitator 2001, as a Chaplain in 2009 and as a Church Consultant in 2011. He has authored and published the book “Christian Living.”

Ben also possesses a comprehensive background in organizational training and development; in community education, outreach and development. For more than thirty years he has worked in Ministerial Leadership and a consulting capacity by helping churches, by designing and implementing budgets; composition and implementation of leadership and outreach training plans and manuals.

He is married with three adult children, two teenagers and four grandchildren.

Dr. Griffin eerned a doctorate from Abilene Christian University kn Education in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution–Management. Dr. Griffin brings to the university 35+ years of experience in preaching, ministry leadership training, and development. He has instructed formal (certified) and informal education courses in the adult population in private and public settings. He has designed and facilitated curriculum for leadership development courses, soft skills training, strategic planning, and personal and organizational development workshops. His background in sales, marketing and management, human behavior, and community education will contribute greatly to the future of the university.


Leadership in the world's greatest business...the Church
Authored by Dr Benjamin Anthony Griffin

Leadership, In the World's Greatest Business ...the Church, encourages Christian
leadership and education by conveying and emphasizing what is required of those who
would find themselves leading in the Church. It also demonstrates that the
principles of Christian leadership are principles that provide secular business
with viable outcomes in the advancement of society and the work of Christ.

Available through

Christian Living
Authored by Dr. Benjamin Anthony Griffin

Christian Living develops and supports the "core
elements" that facilitate and increase the growth
of the church as it enhances the faith of the
Christian. It takes the new Christian from first
principles of obedience to mature concepts of
Christian Living.

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