Master Of Christian and Classical Literature (32 Credits)

This Master's program is designed to take the student through many of the great books of the Western world. The student will take 8 courses. Each course is 12 weeks long and takes the student from the early Greek Philosophers such as Plato to some of the more recent poets like Dostoevsky.

This program is designed to help the student better understand the world and culture we live in from a Christian perspective. The student will interact with those philosophers and poets who shaped and influenced the world we live in today while also reading them in light of the greatest book ever written, the Bible.

The student who completes this program of study will be equipped to not only read and interact with many of the great ideas and participate in the Great Conversation, but also be better equipped to reach our world with the life saving gospel of Jesus Christ.

Following Is A List Of Some Of The Works Read In This Program

• The Republic
• Symposium
• Poetics
• Rhetoric
• The Confessions
• Federalist Papers
• Agamemnon
• Oedipus the King
• Clouds
• The Divine Comedy
• Paradise Lost
• The Brothers Karamazov
• On Loving God
• The Freedom of a Christian
• The Tempest
• King Lear
• and More

12 Week Traditional Program

As a part of the Traditional program, students will be required to write summary reports, academic papers, and take quizzes in addition to reading the required textbooks. Please see the syllabus for each course for more details.

Modified/Flexible Program

This Master's program requires three study modules for completion. Due to the nature of this program some courses require two textbooks. When this is the case the student will need to choose only one additional study module instead of the typical two.

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